The Highs and Lows of Home Remodeling

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The day has finally come. You’ve done your due diligence. You’ve scanned magazines, Web sites and maybe have peeped inside others home to create a list of ideas that you’d like to see take shape in your home renovation. You’ve created a budget based on your desires and needs. You’ve done the leg work of meeting with contractors, design/build remodelers and yes, even the neighborhood handyman. You’ve finally settled on a design/build remodeler.

Now the remodeling roller coaster begins!

Well let’s tone down the dramatic a little. Will it have its up-and-down moments? Absolutely. But can it be tempered? For the most part yes. With knowing what to expect in advance and during the process having an open line of communication is invaluable.

During the consultation and design phase is when you can expect to have the most excitement. This is truly the fun part! Looking at appliances, patterns, color combinations, materials and having it presented to you in 3D renderings brings the ideas you had floating in your head to become more attainable.

Now that you’ve finalized (at least in theory) your renovation, the first potential drop of the rollercoaster occurs. The contract and the initial payment. This is when you take your first gulp. Most of us don’t like signing contracts and when that includes handing over large sums of money, we like it even less. But If you’ve chosen to work with a respectable company, then they have gone over every detail with you in terms of expected cost, timeline and disruption to your routine. They planned and prepared you for this and despite some trepidation you are ready to proceed with patience and flexibility.

The day has come, and the team has arrived as scheduled to begin the demolition phase. This again brings you back to being exhilarated. Those old cabinets and flooring are being taken down and the dated shower/tub are being carried out of your home. But this might also be a time where you experience a drop and a change to your initial timeline. Removal of drywall may present unforeseen obstacles such as mold, rot, repairs and improperly constructed setbacks that must be tackled before moving on to the next phase.

While these may or may not present a challenge, what you’ll see during this period is consistent movement and changes. In a period of a workday, you may leave your home to come back to see framing taking shape. Next the “behind-the-scenes” are under way. This may include HVAC, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. All of these are very intricate for a well-done renovation. At this point the speed of the transformation may appear to have slowed down. Multiple contractors having to possibly work in unison have entered the picture and with them permits and inspection requirements. “Behind-the-scenes” may include the company tracking the shipment and scheduled arrivals of your appliances, fixtures, tiles, etc. As well as coordinating with all the Subs and Vendors.

What might have felt like eternity has now passed and the team has now began putting up the drywall and painting. Shipments are arriving containing the pieces to complete your vision and the team has begun the process of installing them. Everything is now more tangible. Throughout the process the team has done its best to leave as little trace of their presence behind but upon near completion they’ve gone the extra mile in ensuring every detail has been met to your expectations.

At the final walkthrough you’re delighted in the decision you made to renovate your home and the choice to partner with a team such as House to Home Solutions.