The DIY Process of Installing Shiplap on Your Walls and the Tools You’ll Need

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Are you thinking about DIYing your shiplap? Wondering how easy installing the shiplap is? Shiplap is exceptionally durable and accentuates itself as a statement piece for your friends and family to gorge on any time they visit. A popular choice among homeowners, and they can’t seem to get enough of it. Hanging drywall can be frustrating to clean up; that’s why shiplap can make the home a bit cleaner. To achieve the remodel, first, let’s look at the materials needed for you to make wall coverings more luxurious. In order to start the build of your house or barn, there are a few things we might need.

Gather Materials

You will need a table saw, nail gun, level, Sandpaper, Jigsaw, MDF, measuring tape, caulk, primer, Desired Pail, paint, mini-paint roller, and 3″ paintbrush. Then follow the following steps.

Mark Studs

Find points to place studs using a stud finder and mark the area with a pencil. The markings will help identify where to nail into the boards of the shiplap. After that, make a vertical line with the stud’s level.

Measure and Cut

Calculating how much wood is needed is essential. Take your MDF board or any board of preference and find the starting point to measure wall to wall. Cut the boards per your desired length.


Hang the first board at a desired perfect level. Nail the board to perfection. After that, you can take the second board to stack right above the first one. Do this, working on each row one at a time.

Nail Boards

Hitting the marked stud areas is essential. Achieve this by using the nail gun. If you need a little spacing, putting quarters between the boards may help achieve that look. Hang and nail the boards up on each other. If there are any electrical switches on your way, you can use the jigsaw to saw through the boxes within the board.

Paint Boards

Use the Pail of choice to paint the boards. Since the shiplap will be a statement piece, ensure it has an excellent finish. Use the roller to work on one board at a time. The difference between boards should be seen, so try to paint them separately. As a pro, it’s better to paint the board after it’s hung. After that, you are free to style it with the décor of your choice to accentuate the look.

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