Summer Energy Saving Tips

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Today’s post is dedicated to saving a few bucks on energy. Making a few simple changes to your home will do wonders to help you keep your costs low and still allow you to have a wonderful summer.

First, some easy summer energy investments:

1. Install a whole house fan.

2. Seal the ducts around the home. This not only keeps your house cool but also prevents cool air from leaving the home and hot air going in.

3. Install new window shading. Consider installing thicker blinds or curtains in order to block some sun from entering the home.

4. Increase your attic insulation to prevent the heat from entering your home.

5. Install new windows that can make your home more comfortable year-round, regardless of the season or the weather!


And finally, some quick and easy changes that you can make right now!

1. Turn up the thermostat.

2. Use electrical appliances when needed,  unplug the ones that you don’t use.

3. Turn off lights during the day.

4. Replace AC filters.

5. Fix any leaks!


By making these quick and easy changes, your home will not only be summer ready but also cost-effective 🙂