Selecting Your Paint Finish – Servicing the MD and VA areas

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If you are in the Rockville, MD and surrounding areas, and want an easy way to update the look of any room, consider painting. At House to Home Solutions, one of our handyman services that we offer is painting. Today we are going to help you decide which type of interior paint finish is the best for your home. There are a few to choose from, so it’s best to know the benefits of each before deciding.

Matte Finish – sometimes this is called a “flat finish” and is the most popular paint finish for interior use. It cleans well (meaning if you get fingerprints or food/drinks on the paint, it just wipes off with a sponge and water). This is a great choice if you do not have the smoothest of walls and want to cover up imperfections, such as cracks or bumps in the wall.

Flat Enamel – this is very similar to the matte finish, but it is much more washable. It is a great choice for a hallway bathroom and hallways.

Eggshell Finish – this finish cleans well and has a hint of shine to it. Think of the shine you get from an egg, this will give you a good comparison to how much shine will be in an eggshell finish.

Satin Finish – this finish is a little bit glossier than the eggshell finish. This type of finish cleans very well and is usually used in rooms that get a lot of traffic and are subject to slight messes on the walls (fingerprints/food/drinks) – such as a child’s bedroom or a kitchen.

Semi-Gloss Finish – this has a nice shine to it and is usually used on trims and baseboards. It will give a nice crisp glossy look and will draw your eye to it.

Any paint color you choose can have any of these paint finishes. We do offer free estimates for painting. Please give us a call today at 301-762-6621 to set up your free estimate. Our contractors are professional and take pride in their work. And if you have any questions regarding the type of paint to use, or a color recommendation; we are happy to offer our assistance.