Roof Repair – Servicing the MD and VA areas

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If you are in Montgomery County, MD or the surrounding area and need repair done for your home, House to Home Solutions is your “One Stop Home Solution.” We really are the trusted experts in the field. When it comes to anything from windows and doors to roofs and flood repair, we can and will help.

One of the things we as homeowners don’t think about that often is our roof shingles. We really don’t realize all that those little pieces of material go through, and when we see how much damage they can get, usually it’s too late for just a small repair. Before the damage requires full-blown replacement, take action while there’s only a little bit of damage.

Watch out for sandy material showing up on the gutters. This can be a sign that your shingles are losing their gravel. If your shingles are buckling, your attic may require some attention. If your shingles are cracking, this may not be a serious issue right away. However, replace those shingles now before they become a weatherproofing issue.

Shingles are very easy to inspect, and can be easy to replace if the damage is caught soon enough. All this could save you money and time further down the road.

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