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In Kitchen Remodeling by Daniel

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home.

Regardless of the size, the kitchen plays the same role – to bring everyone altogether. So, why not make this room the best-seller in your home? Trust me, remodeling the kitchen is key to not only adding more to conversation, but making you the enviable new kitchen master.

Here are just a few ideas that you should consider when remodeling your kitchen.

No kitchen is “too” big.

If your kitchen is just a little cramped for the the number of budding chefs in the home, then maybe these ideas will add a little more dimension.

– If you have a “misplaced” wall that seems to hold up traffic in the kitchen, consider knocking it down. Walls can be built and they can be demolished. The presence (or lack of) walls does a whole lot in creating a little more space.

– Add color! This can be done in a variety of ways. Color can be added to the walls or by installing new counter-tops and cabinets. If you decide to directly paint the walls, find a color that’s pleasing. Warm, earthy tones usually work best in not only bringing a bit of life to the room, but also blends into the background. For cabinets, consider wood tones. Not only is wood durable, but they add that natural appeal to the kitchen, creating that homey, comfort feel. The same rules apply to counter-tops. You need something appealing and durable!

– Add a bit of shine in your kitchen, especially around the cooking area. Consider installing glass tile around the stove/oven area. Not only are they easy to clean but the shine from the glass provides an added open appeal to the kitchen.

– Get rid of the bulk. If your kitchen is cluttered AND it’s small, you might want to take out some of the bigger items that you may not use. Bulk = space. So remove the bulk from the counter-tops, hide it in the cabinets, and instantly you have visibility and room in the kitchen.

– If possible, maybe remodel the counter-top and carve out some leg space so you can put in some chairs and/or bar stools. Not only do chairs invite guests to the kitchen, it also opens up the room and creates some much needed space.

– Stay simple. You don’t need anything expensive. The kitchen is perfect just the way it is. It is how you manipulate the space that’s important, so don’t overdo it! Make the room the feat of the home, but also ensure that it blends with the other rooms as well.

I hope these ideas will stir up some creative remodeling! As with any list, it is endless. The possibilities of remodeling (or simply just modeling) is endless. Do what feels right and let your creativity run wild!