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Questions and Answers about Bathroom Renovation

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Bath Renovation? Here’s How to Plan Your Time and Budget

When it comes to planning a bathroom renovation, homeowners invariably have two key questions: how much will it cost and how long will it take? In this post, we tackle the answers to both.

How much should my bathroom renovation cost?

Because there are so many options, there is no single magic budget number for completing a bathroom reno. How big is the room? Will you have a shower or a bath or both? Heated floors? Private toilet room? What finishes and fixtures will you select?

To get to a rough budget number, consider the size and complexity of your project:

Hall Bathroom

Most hall baths are on the smaller side (5’ x 7’) and are used by guests as well as those who live in the home. They are usually practical spaces, rather than retreats or lounge areas. A typical hall bathroom has a single sink with a shower/tub combination.

Sample Scope: A standard scope is to gut to the framing, update plumbing and electrical, and replace the cabinetry, counter-top, sink, tile, exhaust fan, lighting, accessories, shower door, shower/tub and toilet.

Average Cost:Most hall bath renos fall into the $30,000-$40,000 range, including the design, all materials and fixtures, labor and having your licensed and insured design/build firm secure permits for the project. Adding a similar size bathroom to an unfinished basement could add another $5k-15k depending what is needed.

Master Bathroom

A master bath is something different. These are generally much bigger than a hall bath, reserved for the private use of the homeowners and customized to their needs and tastes. Many homeowners prefer a master bath suite, with separate shower and tub, a dressing room or walk-in closet, double vanity and ample storage.

Sample Scope: The scope to convert an old master bathroom to a new one with upgrades varies widely depending on the size of the space and quality of materials and fixtures selected.

Average Cost: Many master bath renovations range between $65,000 and $95,000+, with ultra-luxury models coming in over $200K.Costs include design, all materials and fixtures, labor and having your design/build firm secure permits for the project.

Pro Insight:There are many options for bathroom flooring, sink, tub, counters and other materials. A professional design/build team will help you select the materials that fit your design style, work in your space and meet your budget – so your new bath will bring long-lasting delight.

How long will my bathroom project take?

Of course, the timeline to complete a bathroom renovation will vary depending on size, scope, materials and more. Larger projects with additions, for example, will take much longer than gutting and replacing the elements in an existing bathroom. The estimates below are for gutting and renovating an existing bathroom.

Plan on three phases to your bathroom renovation project:

Phase One: Discovery and Design

This is when you work with your designer to discover your design tastes, capture what you would like the new space to do and how you want it to feel – and recognize and overcome any obstacles, so the design will work for your home. Explore possible layouts, materials and finishes with your designer, to create a plan to transform your space.

Give the creative process the time it deserves, so the final design is one that fits your functional needs, design style, quality expectations and budget. Still, work with your designer to keep the process moving. Are you decisive? Do you answer calls and return messages promptly? Are you prepared for meetings? The more responsive, engaged and prepared you are, the shorter the design process will take.

Average Time: 1-2 months – or more, if decisions are delayed.

Phase Two: Ordering and Delivery of Materials and Fixtures

Once the design is complete, materials can be ordered. However, with the persistent supply chain delays, it can be helpful to think of the material ordering and delivery step as a “phase” in today’s reno projects. While some materials are available now, many fixtures are still delayed due to supply shortages – and your project won’t be complete without them. Work with your design team to find options that fit the timeframe you need.

Average Time: 3-12 months, depending on material and fixture selection and availability.

Phase Three: Construction

Construction is when inspiration and plans become reality. It starts with demolition and removal of old materials. Then, installation of new flooring, products and fixtures. Finally, cleanup, inspection and any finishing touches before you sign off on the project. With a professional, custom design and excellent craftsmanship, your new space will be even better than you imagined!

Average Time: 2-4weeks, depending on size and scope

Pro Insight: Although you will want to plan as much as possible, the unexpected can and will happen. One way to mitigate unnecessary delays is to hire a reputable, experienced bathroom renovation contractor. They will know how to prevent or address potential issues that come with tearing out and rebuilding the bathroom of your dreams.

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