Rockville: Kitchen with Open – Floor Focal Point

Open-Floor Kitchen Focal Point
Location: Rockville, Maryland

This gorgeously lit open floor plan kitchen features a transitional blend of ultra-modern finishes and cozy touches. Once a 1970’s-dated, dim and low-functioning space, this kitchen is now the focal point of a Rockville home. By removing one wall and relocating an opening, House to Home Solutions created an entirely new flow.

Other features:

  • Expansive, highly functional peninsula
  • Pop-up outlets
  • Seating for subtle room division
  • Modern, stainless-steel appliances
  • Award-winning Dura Supreme cabinetry, for generous storage
  • Toothed-in hardwood flooring creating a smooth transition from the old floor to the new
  • Artfully selected task and decorative lighting throughout, from under-cabinet and recess lighting to decorative pendants
  • Glass tiles for that perfect pop of texture

The entire House to Home Solutions team delivered a new kitchen that is functional, high quality, and looks wonderful. They also updated the entire floor for a seamless, revitalized appearance. The work was done promptly, with a great attention to detail. We were so pleased, we enlisted them for additional renovations.Marci and Scott P.

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