Painting Services – Arlington, MD

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If you are in the Arlington, MD area, and want an easy fix to update the look of any room, consider painting. At House to Home Solutions, one of our handyman services that we offer is painting.

Just by changing the color of any room, you can instantly update the look and feel of it. Whether you want to make it a cozy room with darker colors, or brighten up a kitchen or bathroom; we are available for either one.

Today we are going to cover some recent paint jobs that we did. At Diane’s house we painted her family room, kitchen and bathroom a nice slate color. While it may seem like a basic color, it did go very nicely with her furnishings that she had in her home. At Irma’s house, we painted many rooms, and also did a purple accent wall in her family room as well as a striping accent feature and a couple of different faux finishes. We were very pleased with the end results. You can see our photo gallery of these paint jobs on our website at Additionally, we have three other paint job pictures on there; from Mike’s house, Sonia’s house and Isabel’s house. We hope you enjoy them.

We do offer free estimates for painting. Please give us a call today at 301-762-6621 to set up your free estimate. Our contractors are professional and take pride in their work. And if you have any questions regarding the type of paint to use, or a color recommendation; we are happy to offer our assistance.