Painting Services – Arlington, MD

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If you are in the Arlington, MD area, and want an easy way to update the look of any room, consider painting. At House to Home Solutions, one of our handyman services that we offer is painting.

Today we are going to cover some popular faux finishes that can enhance the look of any room. Faux finishes are a great way to make one wall (or multiple walls) in a room the focal point. So here are a few of the most popular faux finish techniques.

Rag painting – with this technique you pick out your main wall color. Bunched up rags are used with glaze to create texture on your walls. This can also be done with a sponge, and gives the wall a spongy look.

Graining – this is a faux finish that is made to look like wood.

Marbelizing – this faux finish is done in a way to make the walls look like marble. Plaster or glaze can be used.

Glitter – this is applied as a transparent topcoat over your painted wall. (Regular glitter is not used, there is specialty glitter that is mixed at the paint store to get this affect).

Stripes – usually done in either of these two ways; the first is using only one paint color and alternating with a matte and high-gloss finish for each stripe. The second is to use two different colors and alternate.

Chalkboard paint – this is a specialty paint that is really used as a chalkboard. You can write on it with chalk and erase it. It’s a fun idea for a kid’s playroom, or even in the kitchen so you can keep track of schedules, menus, etc.

Those are just a few ideas of different faux finishes that are done on walls. We do offer free estimates for painting. Please give us a call today at 301-762-6621 to set up your free estimate. Our contractors are professional and take pride in their work. And if you have any questions regarding the type of paint to use, or a color recommendation; we are happy to offer our assistance.