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In Dining Room, Remodeling by Daniel

It’s time to update one of the greatest rooms in your home – the dining room!

It’s the place that brings everyone together so why not update the room to a more modern style and touch.

Here are a couple of quick “fixes” to transform your dining room for a more modern appeal:

If you haven’t already, update your floors to hardwood flooring. Instead of the traditional dark colored floors, opt for patterns! Patterns quickly transform any room and brings the entire room together nicely. Patterns draw attention and it’s a new way to mix and match different styles to create one unique design.

The dining room is usually in a well lit area – close to windows. So make use of natural light as much as possible.

If you don’t like the look of bare windows, then put in some blinds. The point of this is to allow as much natural light into the room as possible and sheer window treatments will do the trick quickly and easily.

For additional light, install a lighting fixture above the dining room table.

Comfort is also key to this room as well. Take away the old squareish-table furniture and furnish the room with dining chairs or soft benches.

To bring the entire room together, work on the walls! Add further dimension by contrasting the floors with an equally bright colored wall paper or paint.

Try to play with the colors you already have in the room with the decor and window treatments, and bring it all together with the walls.

Try these tips and your new dining room will surely be an invitation to your guests!