Maximizing Space in Your Kitchen – Servicing the MD and VA areas

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If you are in Bethesda, MD or the surrounding area and are looking to have your kitchen remodeled, trust the professionals at House to Home Solutions. Known to our loyal clients as “Your One Stop Home Solution,” we specialize in home remodeling, repair, and reconstruction for everything from windows and doors to roofs. If you are in need of a bigger kitchen, here are some tips that can help you give your favorite room a larger feel.

1. If you have dark walls, appliances, or cabinets, try changing them to colors like cream, white, or light beige. Light colors instantly make a room look bigger. You can even try light colors in the room. The light shades will help reflect light around the room.
2. Have a different tile or backsplash. Many times, people look for dark colored backsplashes because of the worry of it looking dirty. However, light, bright colors will help create a bigger feeling in the room.
3. Change the color of your cabinets. If your cabinets are dark colors and wood, it will make your room look and feel smaller. Try white cabinets. If you have things like fine china or beautiful glasses, consider taking off cabinet doors altogether. You will not only open up the room, but also be able to display some of your beautiful treasures.
4. Use slim furniture. Chairs and tables with long, thin legs and minimal surface area will take up less room, and leave it with a sleek, modern feel.
5. Instead of taking room horizontally, move things upward. Use the best of the vertical space you have. If you have things cluttered on your floor and counter, consider higher storage. You can build cabinets up higher, or consider things like a magnetic knife strip to get knives off the counter, and mounted against the wall, instead.

These are just a few tips to help make your room feel larger. For more information and help improving your kitchen, call the experts at House to Home Solutions. No one knows kitchen remodeling better than our professionals at House to Home Solutions. Check out our website for other repair projects and services: Call our office today at 301-762-6621 to set up an estimate.