Manage Your To Do List

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Last week, we talked about the ten easiest ways to instantly add value to your home. This week, let’s go a step further and plan it all out.

Summer time is the best time to not only relax but actually get started on long term projects that you have been wanting to do for months. You may have tons of projects floating around in your head and have no idea where to start, which is probably why you have been putting it off. No worries, today we’ll organize everything you have to do and your summer of home improvement will go smoothly.

First things first, ALWAYS plan. Write down the projects that you want to complete at some point. Once you’ve written down the things that you want to do, start ordering them. Maybe you want to get the easiest things out of the way. Or, maybe you’re the type of person who wants to tackle the lengthy projects head on so you can relax with the minor changes. Regardless of the approach, you have to plan first and order accordingly.

Once you’ve planned everything out and ordered it in terms of priority, divide the work up.

Make 2 columns. One for things that you can easily do and another column that may require professional help. For example, if you simply want to re-paint the deck then that can be something to put on the “you” column, but if you want to do more, maybe completely renovate the deck, you may want to list that project down under the “professional” column because this project may require some extra help.

Once you’ve planned, organized, and distinguished your ‘To Do’ List, you can tackle the projects head on.


Here’s a sample:

– Install new windows. [Professional]

– Need more space? Add an addition to the home. [Professional]

– Kitchen Remodeling. [DIY or Professional, depending on the magnitude]

– Renovate a room in the house. [Add new decor, new color of paint, etc.] [DIY/Professional]

– Re-design the bathrooms. (Install new light fixtures, cabinets, sink, etc.) [Professional]

– Finish the basement [Professional]


Just remember, regardless of the project always PLAN, ORGANIZE, and DISTINGUISH. These 3 simple steps will ensure you tackle any project in a timely and efficient manner.