Kitchens, Potomac, MD

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If you are in the Potomac, MD area, a simple way to update your kitchen is just by changing your flooring. Maybe you currently have laminate flooring, and are thinking of changing to a hard-wood flooring option, or you have laminate already and want to just update the color of the laminate flooring. We offer ceramic, marble, laminate and hardwood flooring. Here are some tips in helping you determine which might be the best option for you in your kitchen.

Ceramic Flooring – There are so many designs, textures and colors to choose from with ceramic flooring. Additionally, when these are installed you can create different designs and patterns in the flooring just by using different sizes. Ceramic flooring is also very tough, and can last 10-20 years.

Marble Flooring – Marble flooring is also available in different colors. Since marble is a natural material, it is also Eco-friendly. No two pieces of marble flooring is going to look the same, so the finished product will be very unique.

Laminate Flooring – This is usually the lowest cost and easiest to care for flooring option. It comes in a huge variety of colors and designs.

Hardwood Flooring – This option is not always utilized in the kitchen, but it is an option that you have. Depending on the type of wood that you want to use, will effect the price of it.

Feel free to call our office to discuss your flooring options. We can help you make a decision in what type of flooring will work best in your kitchen depending on your family. Such as if you’re a busy family that does a lot of extracurricular activities, you probably want flooring that is easiest to maintain.