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If you are in the Aspen Hill, MD area, a simple way to update your house is just by a new paint color. Changing the color on your walls can make it go from drab to fab, and it’s not expensive. Putting some color on your walls can help personalize your living space, and make your home more cozy and inviting.

Today, we are going to go over some popular paint colors for your kitchen. We wanted to focus on the kitchen today because last week we talked about changing the flooring, which is another easy way to update your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go with a darker color paint, or even a brighter color paint.

Bright Yellow – this is a popular color in the kitchen. Mixed with white cabinets, it looks very sharp and the contrast between stark white cabinets and yellow walls is really nice. It looks even more beautiful in a kitchen that gets a lot of sunlight.

Red – many people are scared to try the red walls. But done right, it looks very distinguished. It especially looks nice with dark brown cabinets.

Bright Blue – this also looks very sharp next to white cabinets. It’s very crisp next to it, and has a lot of contrast.

Sage Green – this is a very relaxing color. It looks beautiful contrasting with cherry oak cabinets.

Golden Yellow – we have bright yellow on the list, but this is a much more toned down version, you might even refer to it as more of a beige. It looks great complimenting oak cabinets.

So if you want to change the look of your kitchen, painting the walls is a very easy way to do it. And remember, if you don’t like it, it’s very simple to change the color to another. At House to Home Solutions, we can help pick out colors for your kitchen paint that compliment your kitchen atmosphere.