Kitchen Remodeling – Servicing the MD and VA areas

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If you are in Lochearn, MD and the surrounding areas and trying to find ways to update or remodel your kitchen, House to Home Solutions will be able to help you do exactly that. Our customers know us as “Your One Stop Home Solution” in House to Home Solutions. We specialize in anything from new cabinets to wall-mounted microwaves to just new paint to spruce up the room, or we can add a brand new kitchen to totally update and upgrade your home.
One of the simplest ways to make your kitchen totally new and fabulous is a wall-mounted microwave. Most modern kitchen designs include a wall-mounted microwave, as opposed to less-functional, older designs like counter-top microwaves. If you don’t already have a wall-mounted microwave, these are just some of the benefits of having House to Home Solutions install one for you:

1.) Older microwave designs leave your kitchen cluttered, but a wall-mounted design leaves plenty of counter room.
2.) Counter top microwaves may be hard to move around, resulting in a messier counter top. The microwave may be too heavy or big to move around to clean under and on the counters.
3.) If you are cooking a multi-dish meal and using the microwave, it is easier to go from oven to microwave without walking to the other part of the kitchen. You can stay in the same part of the kitchen to get everything cooked.

If you don’t already have an wall-mounted microwave in your kitchen, call us now so we can get one installed for you. Take a look at our website for other kitchen ideas if you are ready to start updating your kitchen: Call our office today at 301-762-6621 to set up an estimate.