Kitchen Remodeling Potomac Review

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We began our kitchen renovation the day after Thanksgiving – and by the new year it was clear that our contractor was a) not doing a good job and b) likely never going to finish – so we had the House to Home team step in.  WOW – what a difference from Day 1!

A real “sense of urgency” came over our house.  The whole crew was hard working and respectful.  They arrived early and stayed late.  Any question that I had got answered.  They gave honest opinions but acquiesced to ours when we disagreed.  They had a LOT of rework to do given the sloppy job by the previous contractor.

They pulled the whole thing off in about three weeks.  The first day the team was not here I think I actually missed them!  Followup has been great too – as the project “settled” and little things needed to be tweaked we have always gotten a quick response.  We are already saving for our next House to Home project!  Thanks Daniel and Team!