Holiday Decorating

In Bedroom Remodel, Dining Room, Kitchen Remodeling by Daniel

The holidays are right around the corner, and House to Home Solutions have a few quick and easy decorating tips to prep your home for the fall and winter holiday season!


With Thanksgiving coming up next week, here are a few ideas to prepare your home for all your friends and family gatherings:

1) To get your guests quickly into the holiday spirit as soon as they step into your home, leave out a few holiday scented candles and potpourri. The scents will quickly make them feel at home and ready to join in on the fun.

2) Pick a theme and choose a few colors associated with that theme. Keep the color scheme relatively consistent throughout the house, keeping it warm, inviting, and comfortable. For example, for Thanksgiving, consider warm reds, oranges, and browns around the home with a couple of pillows, rugs, and curtain changes.

3) Add some lights around the home. Although it’s not Christmas just yet, nothing screams the holiday season then a few lights around the home. A few simple “white” lights will quickly brighten up the home and make it very inviting.

4) The kitchen and the dining room is where most of the guests will probably end up being. Keep it comfortable and inviting by sticking with warmer color tones.


We hope these ideas will help kick-start your holiday spirit!