Hardwood or Wooden Tiles?

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So today’s post addresses the question of installing hardwood floors or using lookalike wood tiles.

So let’s start off with some pros and cons of wooden tiles:


– It is installed just like regular hardwood floors (usually plank by plank, or in this case tile by tile)

– Once it’s complete, you can’t really see the difference (if done properly and the grout is seamless)

– Tiles are practical, able to stand wear and tear

– Looks exactly like the wood finish


– During colder seasons, tile flooring may not be ideal for your feet (heat resistant)

– May not last as long as regular hardwood flooring

– Resale value with your home


Regardless of what you choose, a home with a hardwood finish gives a modern appeal to any home. Hardwood floors offer that inviting warmth and makes your home even cozier and comfortable. If you’re considering changing things up, remember House to Home Solutions is ready to aid you in your design!