Flood Repair – Servicing the MD and VA areas

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If you are in Potomac, MD or the surrounding area and want to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled or you need windows or flood damage repaired,  the expert contractors at House to Home Solutions are the professionals you should trust your project to.

We have seen our share of snow storms already this year. The northeast has been hit by mountains of snow that have caused damage and just made everything more difficult. We may feel that snow is the absolute worst that can happen, but it gets worse. As we know, once all that snow melts, it turns into water that can flood everything in its path.

If your down-spouts are too close to your home, consider having them move their basins farther away from your home. Moving the snow about 3-5 feet away from your house can help prevent flooding. One cubic foot of snow can produce up to 3 gallons of water that is just waiting to flood your home. Taking precaution now can help make it so that you don’t have to deal with a flooded basement, but sometimes it’s not enough.

If you experience flooding in your home from the snow, it’s a devastation that just seems like the icing on the cake to all the snow you had to deal with this winter. However, we want to help. If you need your home repaired from a flood, give House to Home Solutions a call so that we can get your home back to normal.

We are “Your One Stop Home Solution” and  are proud to say we are the experts in home repair and remodeling. We specialize in everything from windows and doors to roofs to kitchens and baths.

If you’re thinking of selling your home and need to update or renovate your kitchen,  give us a call.  Feel free to browse our website for other home repair and renovation ideas if you are ready to start updating your home: https://housetohomesolutions.com/?page_id=122.  Call our office today at 301-762-6621 to set up an estimate.


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