Fall is Here!

In Remodeling by Daniel

Fall is just around the corner and today’s blog is dedicated to preparing your home to welcome in the new season!

Fall is the start of the holiday season where family gatherings is the key component. So why not excite your guests with these crafty fall inspirations in your home?

Now fall usually revolves around four color schemes and tones: red, orange, brown, and gold. These four colors will be the staple in turning your home into the perfect gathering place for the holidays.

The start of fall means that Halloween is right around the corner, and after that Thanksgiving! The perfect home decor in preparation for the coming holidays are pumpkins, leaves, and fall flowers. These will make a great addition to your existing rooms and decor. Simply add an arrangement of pumpkins on your dining room or living room tables. And even decorate the center of a room with a “fresh” fall floral arrangement that signals that fall is in the air!

Consider using branches and some fallen amber, golden leaves to brighten up the room and add that fall style into any room.

You can also make use of the spaces you may have between bookshelves and mantles by scattering some pumpkins and pine cones around as decoration.

Now that the rooms and the spaces have been covered, let’s work on the main entrance: the doorway!

You want to welcome your guests in so why not bring them in by creating that warm atmosphere right from the beginning. Decorate the front door with some vines and wreaths and this will not only provide color to your home but also accent it as well.

Regardless of what you do, have fun! Play with the fall colors, tones, and structures and whatever you come up with will brighten up your home and surely bring your guests in to stay!