Energy Saving Tips | Potomac, MD

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Today’s blog is all about making better choices for you and your home by saving up. This is probably the easiest way to save. But it does require some work.

Here are just a few ways to quickly start saving some much needed money:

1. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs or make use of solar energy.

If you haven’t already, switching to energy efficient light bulbs will lower your energy bill and that utility expense will save you some major bucks that you pay on a monthly basis.

Energy efficient light bulbs provides the same amount of light but uses less energy to do so.

You’re not losing anything, but you’re gaining some more money! What’s not to love?

2. Lower the brightness of your desktops and computers.

Now don’t lower it so much that you can’t see, but you don’t have to leave it on at it’s highest setting either.

Try a medium-low bright setting.

Not only will it be easier for your eyes but it will allow your computer to use less energy, which means you can charge it less and that will lower your electricity bill.

3. Switch to power saving cords.

If you have lots of appliances that you use on a daily basis and putting them away and taking them out is a hassle then this may be a good option for you to consider.

Instead of having to plug in all your appliances one at a time when you need them, buy a power strip cord.

You have multiple outlets and one power source.

Now you have more room to plug your appliances into and when you’re done using them, instead of having to put them away you can simply switch off the switch on the power cord and the power will be “stripped” from the appliances. It’s just an easy push of a button to restore the power and have your appliances quickly start up again. What a bargain!

4. Control the temperature.

Now we all know, especially in this heat, that we want to set the AC to its lowest setting, but that just means you’re paying more to cool your home. Try to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. You can live a bit in warm weather, rather than having to pay a huge energy bill just to cool yourself down and beat the heat.

Plus, if heat does become an issue consider buying a small fan. They use less wattage and energy and will also quickly cool the area of your home efficiently and effectively.

5. Upgrade to energy efficient windows.

Now this is the most costly approach, but the benefits from it makes it a bargain.

If you live in a older home, the windows you have may be letting in warm air during the summer, and releasing the heat from your home during the winter. If that’s the case, consider energy efficient windows.

These windows adamantly controls temperature. Meaning, if it gets too cold outside, the windows are able to retain more heat from leaving the home ensuring that your home stays warmer and your heat bill lower.

Same thing applies for the summer time. Instead of bringing in warm air, the windows will control the temperature and keep the cold air in and hot air out!

Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful and you can put them into good use!