Energy Saving – Potomac, MD

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If you are in the Potomac, MD area and are looking for ways to cut your energy costs, we came up with a list of ten very easy ways to do that. With rising costs in almost everything that we need in maintaining our homes, saving some money on your electric bill is a quick and easy task that anyone can do.

1.            Use the “Energy Star” light bulbs, these use less energy than the incandescent light  bulbs.

2.            Unplug things that you are not using (such as your toaster, coffee pot and other small kitchen appliances).

3.            Air dry your laundry. You can use your shower curtain rod to hang them if the weather is  not appropriate to hang outdoors.

4.            Open your curtains and let natural light in instead of having lights on.

5.            Turn off lights when you’re not in the room.

6.            Use timers for outdoor porch lights.

7.            Have your thermostat set at “Auto” so it is not running constantly.

8.            Check your window for any drafts, consider installing new ones.

9.            Lower the temperature to the “Cold” cycle on your washing machine.

10.            Make sure your home is properly insulated (including your attic!)

We hope you found these quick tips on cutting your energy costs helpful. At House to Home Solutions, we can help you with any home improvement items that you have. If you find that your windows are letting in a draft and decide to have new ones installed, give us a call for an estimate.