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Remodeling Arlington, VA

I hired House to Home Solutions under conditions that were far from ideal.  The condo I was buying had a closing date that kept changing, all the walls needed to be repainted and all the carpet needed to be ripped up and replaced with wood flooring.  Not only did the company deliver on time but the result was stunning.  The three shades of gray were painted exactly to my specifications throughout the rooms, and although I never met the painters they did a perfect job.  Also, Daniel Carrero the owner didn’t hesitate to suggest changes if he thought they would be helpful to the overall design; he was inevitably right.  I had to move my belongings in before the wood floors were complete but the installers were good sports about working around the boxes and completing rooms in an order that was helpful to the move.  They also were dedicated to doing a professional job on the floor and making sure that the it wasn’t scratched by the movers (or me!).  When the floor was complete I could only view it with awe.  I am extremely happy with both the process and the result of the work done by House to Home Solutions and would recommend them to anyone.

Terry Hedrick, Arlington VA