Better Backyards | Potomac, Bethesda & Chevy Cahse

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The backyard is not just meant for trees and plants to grow or take up space!

No! You can make your backyard much more functional by turning it into functional space – space that you can actually use. It’s basically another room in your home, but it’s outside! No walls. Great view.

Now most of our homes come with the option of having a deck or an open patio. Either option is great since it offers that opportunity to further extend the amount of space in your home.

Remember, just because the room is outside, doesn’t mean that it’s used any more or less! It’s the fact that you have space to work with that will allow you to expand your home quickly and easily. No need to break any walls to get the job done. (saving you $$$)

If you have an open patio that directly leads you to a great backyard. Consider turning it into a room. You have the space. You have the floor, just add a few pieces of furniture and you’ll have another “kitchen” or “living room”.

It’s all about making the most out of your space!

If you want more than furniture, consider decorating the patio with a gazebo at the end of the patio! Not only will you have shelter, but that further extends the space and allows for an even better way to enjoy your backyard.

Equip the backyard with a grill and you have a ready-to-go backyard “kitchen” to use in the summer time!

No need to set up and pull up chairs, if you have outdoor furniture, it’s perfect to eat out right in your own home.

And with a patio, you don’t have to worry about the bulkiness of a deck or having to walk up/down stairs.

Patios are flat and you can get very creative. You can choose the right color and wood or stone work for the home and you’ll have a living space that you’ll probably enjoy more than the inside of your home!

Give it a try! 🙂