5 Ways to Fix Up Your Deck

In Outdoor Remodeling, Remodeling by Daniel

Fall may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop using your deck or leave it looking less than pristine.

Today’s blog is all about fixing up your deck so it is presentable and ready for use whenever you need it.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. If you have furniture on your deck, dress it up by adding comfort! Draw the attention of your guests by propping up some comfortable pillows on the furniture. Bright accents and soft looking pillows will instantly draw your guests in to not only come out to the deck but enjoy themselves while relaxing on the furniture.

2. Add color to your deck. If your deck is starting to lose its luster, consider painting on a fresh wood stain/pain to bring out the natural wood color of your deck. A fresh coat of paint will transform your deck into a “new” item.

3. Upgrade your deck, if you can! You don’t have to stick with the old concept of a wooden deck, you can integrate other materials that match the exterior of your home. Consider using safe glass panels to brighten up the outside allow for a safer outdoors.

4. Set up screens. Add some privacy to your backyard by installing some shades or screens to camouflage areas of the house that you don’t want to see or be seen in. Privacy will also create a comfortable outdoor setting to relax in.

5. Install lighting for the outdoors. Nighttime illumination will add ambiance to all your outdoor events.

Remember that the deck is just another area of your home that guests can come and visit so design and comfort is key! Treat this part of the home just like you would in any room indoors. Play up the comfort with fun designs and patterns and put in comfortable, sturdy furniture to further complement your home.

Have fun designing!