Decorating the Bedroom

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Today lets focus on the area of the house that you most likely retreat to on a daily and nightly basis: your bedroom!

The bedroom is easily one of the favorite places to just get away from everything and enjoy the comfort that you seek after a long day of work. And since we start and end the day in the bedroom, why not liven up the room and update it. Bring out the best?

Here are five ways to decorate your room and bring some more added comfort to your homey style.

1. Paint the walls and/or add some wallpaper!

The walls of any room define the space, but it can do so much more! You can use that space wisely and decorate it so that it gives your bedroom some style. Pick a color or wallpaper that truly shows off your taste and that will make your bedroom an even better place to enjoy and relax in.

*If you’re the type of person whose style changes every day then consider temporary wallpaper. Peel and stick are not only easy, but are a great way to quickly update your style any time, with no added effort or pain.

2. Light! Every room needs light in order to open up the room and provide a bit of dimension. Buy light fixtures that really will accent every corner of the room.

If you have a night stand, consider putting a lamp on each night stand – a lamp that contributes to the overall style of the room. And also consider using energy efficient bulbs, so not only can you save energy, but the room will have a dimmer-comfort effect.

3. The closet! Every asset in a bedroom is the closet. The best closet = walk-in. If you don’t have a walk-in or if you want a walk-in, consider expanding the room! The walk-in closet gives that added space that every person needs. It’s perfect for storage and a big closet ensures that you can hide away the bulk and make sure that the bedroom looks and stays mess-free.

4. The windows. The drapery are also important. Not only do they need to allow natural light to come in, but you also want a sense of privacy. Consider two types of drapes. One that is semi-see through, so that during the day, when your shades are open, you can still maintain that privacy and allow light into the room. Then, install a second pair of drapes, over the lighter ones, so that when it gets dark and you don’t want people to see inside your windows, simply pull the darker toned drapes over the light ones and that will give you the privacy you need.

*Dark reds will really accent the room and give an appeal that will draw any person in.

5. Continuing on with style, consider adding some pictures or artwork near the head of the bed. The art will accent your bedroom by tying everything together and drawing your attention to the main attraction: the actual bed. You don’t want your walls to look empty or busy. So a tip. If you have colored walls (sold color), consider a vibrant painting or piece of artwork – that way it will serve as a direct contrast to the walls. If you have some decorative wallpaper, consider black and white photographs or very simple paintings that won’t make the room spin, because too much color can hurt the eyes and can cause a lack of sleep!

*Just be careful in your choices and in the end your room will come together just like you imagined!

And as always, if you’re looking for even more ways to transform your home to make it even more comfortable and to your liking House to Home Solutions have many great ideas for any size home and project. We hope these few tips will have you transform at least one part of your house for some added appeal!


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