5 Fall Home Project Ideas

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As a lifelong resident of the Greater Washington DC area, one of the many things I find enjoyable is our Fall weather. And yes, it feels like it’s finally here! Similar to Spring and spring cleaning, in the Fall we begin to look at decluttering, winterizing and holiday home improvement projects. Here’s a list of my top 5 suggestions.

DECLUTTERING: Throughout the year we make seasonal purchases of home décor and clothing. Particularly summer clothing such as bathing suits, sandals and beach towels – somehow we always forget them on scheduled trips and purchase new ones – should be thrown out if they have “seen better days” or donated should they not fit anymore or should you have kids, they will outgrow before the next year.

And don’t forget the basement, garage or shed! Kids toys that they’ve lost interest in and have become out-of-sight-out-of-mind are great donation items for the holiday season.

WINTERIZING: One of my favorite sayings is “A stitch in time saves nine”. And nowhere does this saying apply more than here in the mid-Atlantic region where the Winter season which can range anywhere from mild to an onslaught of snow and freezing temperatures like New England.

  • HVAC: Replace filters, check furnace efficiency and schedule a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect your system to insure it’s operating safely and correctly.
  • Upgrade Your Windows: Replace single-pane windows with double-pane and insulate them to eliminate losing heat.
  • Clean your gutters: This area sees plenty of foliage in the Fall season and that’s a good reason to ensure your gutters are clear and secured correctly. Now is a good time to also look at having gutter guards added as a permanent solution.
  • Insulation: During the Summer months, working in the attic can be stifling. But replacing and adding installation now can dramatically reduce your home’s heating expenses.

FIREPLACE REPAIR/REPLACE: Who doesn’t like a fireplace to sit around and enjoy hot cocoa or tea, reading a good book or just relaxing and watching the outdoor seasonal change. If your home already has a fireplace a fresh face-lift of the façade and surrounding décor can brighten your room and reinvigorate the room as a focal point for family time and gatherings.

HOME EXPANSION: This year has probably seen us become more familiar with every nook and cranny of our interior than we ever had since we purchased the home. Thus, we have seen an increase in the request for looking at expanding our homes. Whether it be an outdoor deck (with a fireplace), an enclosed sundeck, patio, a room addition or expansion of an existing room such as your kitchen, now is a great time to begin discussing your budget, working on the design, choosing and ordering materials and getting the necessary building permits.

BATHROOM REMODEL: The Fall season is when we see more home entertaining due to the holidays. It might not get the same amount of direct verbal recognition that other home improvement projects receive but it certainly does see a lot of eyes and receive reviews from your guests when they make a “visit”. If you have a half bath an outdated sink, toilet, cabinets wall coloring or flooring can be a valuable upgrade. If you have a full bath or master bathroom other ideas to consider may be replacement of existing bathtub with a separate freestanding tub and separate shower, increased lighting with the installation of recessed or vanity lights, heating flooring or even a sauna. Your bathroom can be and should be an oasis.

KITCHEN REMODEL: The desire for kitchen remodeling has never been higher. With the impact of Covid-19 on our ability to dine out as frequently as we might have in the past, many homeowners have engaged in spending more time in the kitchen whether by choice or by circumstance. And because of that designing a kitchen that meets your needs has become a priority. Kitchen ideas and designs have expanded and can truly become a room in your home that takes on a dream inspired feel as well as improved functionality. Open up existing walls to create an airy transition area that connects to your dining room or creates a peninsula for bar stool seating that flows into your family room allowing you to stay connecting with family and guests. The possibilities are truly endless!

These are just a handful of ideas that you might consider tackling this Fall. To discuss any of these ideas or others, contact House To Home Solutions at 301-762-6621 to set up your consultation. House To Home Solutions has also established our virtual Distance Designing to meet Covid-19 concerns.