Add Value to Your Home

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It’s almost summer, so let’s make a few changes to the home!


1. Replace old hardware.

Do you have a worn out mailbox? Rusty door knobs? Fading house numbers? Replace them! Passerbyers, whether they are interested in buying the house or not want to see everything updated. So these quick changes can instantly beautify the exterior of your home.

2. Dress up the front door and/or the front porch.

The main attraction and focal point is the front of your home, so make sure you draw attention by adding a few decorations here and there. You can even use this opportunity to show off your personality, put a wreath on the front door that reflects a bit of your taste. And if your door is loosing its luster, re-paint it.

3. Outdoor lighting.

Are you the neighbor that leaves the light on throughout the night? Or do you want to leave the light on and not waste any money? Simply add a couple of solar light fixtures around the house. During the day these solar fixtures soak up the sun and then when night falls they automatically light up, making your home a feature on your street.

4. Make a grand entry.

The focal point of any house is the front door so update it! Architectural molding to your front door instantly attracts attention and gives the front of your home more dimension and detail.

5. Clean out the gutters!

Pretty self explanatory. No one wants to look at a house covered with leaves and dirt. Take some time out to clean the gutters, or if needed, replace them. This simple task will add beauty back into your home.

6. Tile your door step.

Want to get rid of the “Welcome” doormat? Then consider tiling your front porch. It’s creative and fresh and you don’t have to worry about chasing the doormat after a big storm. Plus, you don’t have to worry about #2 on the list.

7. Upgrade the railings.

If you have a long porch and you’ve had the house for years, it’s probably time to upgrade the railings. Time to look for better quality, texture, color, and even detail. But as always, make sure that the new railings match the rest of your home. Otherwise, your purchase and hard work will seem a bit out of place.

8. Repaint and clean the siding and trim.

Are the HOA coming after you for your dirty sidings and trim? It’s time to clean it! This is the “facelift” for your home. Power wash away the dirt and grime that has compiled over the years and let the side of your house shine, literally.

9. Fix the driveway.

You know the superstitious saying, “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back?”, well you’ll never have to worry about that if you fix the cracks on the driveway. And to really make it shine, you could even stain it!

10. Get a new roof over your head.

You always want to make sure your hair looks good before going out, so make sure the roof over your head looks good too! You can choose a new color or enhance the color that you have now. Whatever you do, make sure it looks good. A new roof will attract attention, especially on a nice sunny day.